3 Reasons Why You’re Struggling with Your Business

Until you stop playing SMALL, making excuses, procrastinating, and throwing yourself a pity party…your business won’t flourish.The life of an entrepreneur is not a straight, EASY path to success. It takes WORK!!  You can hope for it to work or you can HUSTLE for it. Hustle being the better choice! Your business is stuck where […]

5 Biggest Mistakes NEW Entrepreneurs Make

Being in business means that you are a HUGE risk taker. You are courageous, brave, bold, fearless, and confident. As an entrepreneur you constantly deal with failure and trial and error, which however, can be minimized if you pay attention to the success of others. Like famed life coach, Tony Robbins, always says, “Success leaves […]

7 Habits of Highly Confident Women

  Confident women are both admired and envied. For we aspire to be them and then we decide perhaps we aren’t worthy enough or good enough to get on that level. Confidence can be learned. It can be evolved. It can be brought out of you just as much as it can be poured into […]

Life Coaching For Women!

Confident & Empowered Living Life Coaching For Women You are at a place in your life where you KNOW exactly what you want. BUT…. You need help achieving that vision and following through to make it a reality. You fear that you will either fail OR actually become so successful that you won’t know what […]

You MATTER: 5 Ways to Feel More WORTHY

When my boo Oprah Winfrey’s talk show on ABC ended, she reflected on what she had observed after interviewing women, men, and children from all walks of life, all ages, and with all different issues that impacted their lives. She found a common thread. It is the same thread I have found in my own […]

Why It’s Important to Embrace Your Failures & Move On to Bigger & Better Things

All my life, I’ve been a perfectionist. Everything had to be organized a certain way, completed within a structured time frame and produced some evidence, some measure of success. However, I never completely understood (until my adult years) the true benefits of my failures. As human-beings, we bask in our successes; we relish in our […]

5 Ways to Beat Insecurities, Self-Doubt, and Inferiority

In an image-obsessed society like the one we live in, it is easy to feel insecure or inferior when compared to the picture-perfect models and celebrities whose photos that we constantly encounter in our daily lives, like Beyonce’s perfect body and dance moves on that popular music video or Kerry Washington’s extra laid hair, make-up and outfits on “Scandal,” for example. You […]

5 Rules to Live By on Your Pursuit of Happiness & Fabulousness

Ever feel like you still haven’t made it quite yet? Like you haven’t got to the life you dreamed of as a little girl. Well, guess what? I haven’t made it there yet. I am certain of that. But, as we make our way there we should do it with style, class, and grace. Of course, […]