Why Every Woman Needs to RAISE Her Standards Now

 Over the last few years I have spent countless hours UPGRADING myself and my life in every area. What areas of your life could use an OVERHAUL, a little SPRUCING UP, and a little INCREASE? As long as you SETTLE or SIT BACK: ·         WAITING ·         WISHING ·         WONDERING ·         FEARFUL ·         UNMOTIVATED ·         LAZY ·         OVERWHELMED ·         DOUBTFUL You will never get […]

4 Ways to Be Confident this Christmas

  Dress to Impress Look your absolute best this holiday season! Add in a little make-up. Put extra time into picking out your clothes. Include jewelry especially if you usually don’t. Watch some YouTube tutorials for ideas. MAKE A STATEMENT!                                                                                                                                                           Prepare Yourself for Negativity Be prepared for questions from family like “when you getting […]

5 Ways to Find Friends that are Worthy of Your Time

You’ve heard it before. We are the sum total of the five people we hang around the most! Women truly invested in being empowered and living the life they desire get there much quicker by surrounding themselves with men and women who are at their level or higher. As we grow older, finding friends on […]

The Truth About Your 20s: Making the Most of It

Dear sister (We’re both human and therefore, related. Welcome to the family!), Everyone had so much advice for me when I graduated college: live your dreams, don’t settle, hustle hard, etc. Now the Internet seems to be full of “useful” (please note the quotation marks) advice for 20-somethings. Some of this guidance is really good […]

How to Become a Better Woman from an Unexpected Break Up + Other Let Downs

About two weeks ago, the unthinkable happened. My husband left me, without warning. Around 7 o’clock on Thanksgiving, while I sat in tears and coughing incessantly from the bout of bronchitis that I was fighting, He came home, but something felt strange. He gave me a blank look and mumbled, “Hey.” I looked up at […]

How to Survive Being Single During the Holidays

As the holiday season approaches one of the prominent thoughts for most single women may be their lack of a man. However, this is not the time to let your single status affect your ability to enjoy your experiences with family and friends. The following tips will help you stay busy, enjoy your time and perhaps […]

I Am My Sister: How to Build Confidence from the Women Around You

Last month, Brandi Hawthorne of Woman, Live! and Woman, Eat. hosted a hashtag party and tweet chat for the #IAmMySister initiative. The conversation that emerged pushed me to reconsider and strengthen my views of sisterhood and my personal responsibility to the entire community that is black women. Brandi’s blogs are dedicated to helping women live their […]

Too Many Bitches & Not Enough Queens: What Are Your Values Saying About You As A Woman?

Last week, we talked about how to find your Queenship through the power of love. I really do believe in the Queen in every woman, waiting to be unleashed. But there’s a lot of girls out here claiming the title without actually walking in its essence. Let me explain. Anyone can wear LeBron’s jersey. In […]

Friend Mix: 6 Types of Friends Every Woman Needs in Her Life

Do you have the right mix of friends in your circle? Is your circle diverse or do you have all-purpose friends? I was scrolling through my daily reading and ran across an article by Valorie Burton “Conversation Starter: 6 Types of Friends You Need” and immediately my antennas went on high alert. I’m thinking, “This […]

Why Competing With Other Women Dim Your Light, Life, and Legacy

  In my mind, jealousy seems like such a dirty word. I guess because being jealous of another woman seems like it is “so high school.” At a certain point don’t we as women get to a point where we have our own and don’t need to be worry about others? I guess not for […]