Summer Self-Love Challenge

Fall in love with yourself. Rediscover why you are amazing. Reclaim your crown. Own your confidence. Empower yourself. Inspire other women in the process.   The 2015 Summer Self-Love Challenge is a 15 day challenge to empower you to reflect, reconnect, and unleash the “regal realness” that lives inside of you. We all know a […]

The #1 Tool for Increasing Your Confidence

I am happy to share with you a tool that can supercharge your confidence and boost your level of self-care and keep you focused, motivated, and accountable for loving yourself and your life! This tool is: JOURNALING!Yup, as simple as that…writing will change your life.But, not just any ol’ writing. I’m talking about the type […]

5 SureFire Ways to Glow & Radiate Confidence Everyday

           Self love is the best love. You’ve heard it a thousand times..well because it’s true but also because at any stage in your life…you just have to have this whole SELF-LOVE thing down girlfriend! I mean self-worth, self-appreciation, self-love whatever you call it is a MUST! You won’t get anything out of this life if […]

How to Be a Man Magnet: 3 Ways to Be a Regal, Confident & Magnetic Woman

If every man in the room wanted you…how would that feel? Why is that some women seem to get men to swarm around them like bees on honey while others struggle to keep a man pass the first few dates? Girl, I’ve been asking myself this same question for years! If you ever wondered: How […]

The Secret to Real, Long Lasting Love for Women

Note: This post may not be what you think it is going to be about. Only continue reading, if you are truly open to thinking about love in a new way. How many times have us women heard the age old, “focus on yourself,” “live the life of your dreams,” “get busy with something in […]

The Secret to Building Confidence that Most Women Overlook

The secret is simple. The secret is natural. The secret is something you already possess. The question is, are you using it daily to your benefit? By understanding and using this secret power that you possess you could have higher confidence, better relationships especially with men, more clarity about who you are, and greater awareness […]

9 Beauty Tips & Tricks to Keep You GLO’ing This Fall

My favorite season has arrived—Fall! As the leaves turn colors and the weather gets cooler it is imperative that us, girls keep our GLO during this beautiful time of year. Here are a few of my favorite tips and tricks from head to toe: 1. Avoid taking really hot showers as the heat tends to […]