8 Ways to Be More Confident With Men & Relationships

Men are so simple. Yet, they seem so complicated. Men seem difficult to understand, reach, and connect with when you aren’t well versed in male-female relations. You don’t fully understand what unique traits men possess versus women. This is not knowledge we are born with. It is knowledge that you are here to learn if […]

Life Coaching For Women!

Confident & Empowered Living Life Coaching For Women You are at a place in your life where you KNOW exactly what you want. BUT…. You need help achieving that vision and following through to make it a reality. You fear that you will either fail OR actually become so successful that you won’t know what […]

Why Love Isn’t Working for You: The Real Reason Why You Love Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

It is my Monday night obsession, and one of the few shows I even make time to enjoy. I am not alone. Many of us are tuning into VH1’s hit, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. We love being entertained by the antics that cover everything but hip-hop and everything wrong with love. No matter how […]

5 SureFire Ways to Glow & Radiate Confidence Everyday

           Self love is the best love. You’ve heard it a thousand times..well because it’s true but also because at any stage in your life…you just have to have this whole SELF-LOVE thing down girlfriend! I mean self-worth, self-appreciation, self-love whatever you call it is a MUST! You won’t get anything out of this life if […]