5 Business Lessons from Beyoncé’s Lemonade

Bey took over the world last week when she dropped yet another surprise album, LEMONADE. Now, she is on tour, selling her visual album (for way more than the average price),  and everybody is talking about her even though she has been out of the limelight for the past 2 years. Beyonce’, love her or hate […]

How to Find Your Ideal Clients/Customers

The beauty in being a business owner is that you get to CHOOSE who you work with, especially in a service based business like coaching. However, even when people purchase products you can still create, market, and sell to the audience of your choice. Any and all successful entrepreneurs have an “ideal client/customer.” This ideal […]

Regal Realness Survey!

I’m on a personal mission to get to know as many women who follow Regal Realness as possible! As I scroll through the list of women who visit this website, follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and sign up for the  newsletter I see that many of you are from all around the world from Florida […]