Are Women of Color Not Good Enough for Mainstream Magazine Covers?

Huffington Post recently posted about a study conducted between September 2012-September 2013 in which 16 mainstream magazines such as Glamour, Self, Women’s Health, Marie Claire, etc were assessed for the number of women of color that were on the covers, and the results were less than ideal but really shouldn’t come as a shock. In […]

5 Confident Boosting Quotes from Latina Actresses to Make You Feel Good Instantly

  Here is a bit of inspiration from some of the flyest and down to earth Latina actresses about confidence, success,¬†and loving your body. As I did my daily reading I came across a great article from the Huffington Post about Salma¬†Hayek and Jessica Alba. You know me, I just had to pull out the […]

Is Eva Longoria’s Devious Maids Stereotyping Latina Women?

Lifetime has teamed up with actress Eva Longoria for a new show called, Devious Maids. Recently the show has come under fire for what some critics deem a stereotypical portrayal of Latina women who will be working as maids for most of the show. Not only are they to be” devious” but they will also […]