Why Every Woman Needs to RAISE Her Standards Now

 Over the last few years I have spent countless hours UPGRADING myself and my life in every area. What areas of your life could use an OVERHAUL, a little SPRUCING UP, and a little INCREASE? As long as you SETTLE or SIT BACK: ·         WAITING ·         WISHING ·         WONDERING ·         FEARFUL ·         UNMOTIVATED ·         LAZY ·         OVERWHELMED ·         DOUBTFUL You will never get […]

5 Business Lessons from Beyoncé’s Lemonade

Bey took over the world last week when she dropped yet another surprise album, LEMONADE. Now, she is on tour, selling her visual album (for way more than the average price),  and everybody is talking about her even though she has been out of the limelight for the past 2 years. Beyonce’, love her or hate […]

Download Your FREE Confidence E-Book!

Is it time you finally became fierce, confident, and unstoppable? Download your e-book here. Being a woman with killer confidence and unstoppable drive is how you should feel every day. Too often women tell me they are…. Struggling with maintaining a positive, confident attitude Feeling like a “hot mess” and can’t get it together Holding […]

10 Ways to Elevate Your Confidence This Weekend

You said 2016 would be your year to invest more into yourself. Well here ya go! I have compiled some of my best freebies for you to take advantage of, but only for this weekend. So grab your favorite wine and unwind with these free empowerment tools: Reflect and respond to this journal prompt “on […]

Unleash Your FIERCE Open for Enrollment

  What if I told you that you could TRANSFORM yourself in just a few weeks??  For six weeks, you will have me as your coach to teach you how to UNLEASH your fierce confidence: Week 1: Find Your FIERCE Discover your EDGE…the God given beauty, spark, purpose, and beauty that is divinely in you. […]

FREE Confidence Classes

Confidence is something that is nurtured, grown, and evolved within a woman. Have you been struggling to feel good about yourself, be fearless and go after what you want, or feel worthy enough for goodness to really come into your life like you’ve always imagined? If so, enjoy three FREE Confidence Masterclasses here. Video #1: […]

2016 FIERCE Dream Life Planner

This will be you in 2016! When you stop worrying about what other people think, and become STRONG, FIERCE, & CONFIDENT!  Stop believing what other people think…. Stop it right now! Start FOCUSING on what makes you happy! Nobody else can be you or do you. Put your ENERGY instead into CREATING your big, beautiful, FIERCE, CONFIDENT […]

7 Business Books Every Woman Entrepreneur Should Read

Warren Buffet once said, “Learn More to Earn More.” He could never be more right!! As a woman in business, you MUST stay on your grind! Never get complacent. Never think you know it all regardless of how successful you become. If you want to eventually have a 6 or 7 figure business, then learning […]

How to Find Your Ideal Clients/Customers

The beauty in being a business owner is that you get to CHOOSE who you work with, especially in a service based business like coaching. However, even when people purchase products you can still create, market, and sell to the audience of your choice. Any and all successful entrepreneurs have an “ideal client/customer.” This ideal […]

3 Steps to Become a Life Coach

Coaching is becoming one of the largest growing industries. Coaching varies from relationship coaching to health coaching to feminine power coaching to brand coaching, and beyond…the possibilities are endless. Have you been toying with the idea of becoming a coach? If so, you are in the right place. Coaching is a rewarding experience and it […]