Why Every Woman Needs to RAISE Her Standards Now

 Over the last few years I have spent countless hours UPGRADING myself and my life in every area. What areas of your life could use an OVERHAUL, a little SPRUCING UP, and a little INCREASE? As long as you SETTLE or SIT BACK: ·         WAITING ·         WISHING ·         WONDERING ·         FEARFUL ·         UNMOTIVATED ·         LAZY ·         OVERWHELMED ·         DOUBTFUL You will never get […]

Are You Settling for Less in Your Life?

So often we as women allow fear, excuses, and doubt to hold use back from making our next BEST move. But, doing the same thing you’ve always done with NO changes in results means you are SETTLING! Are you settling? Have you checked in with yourself lately to see if your current life truly matches your […]

How to Believe in Yourself More

Imagine there are two women: Susie and Shirley. Susie let’s every single thing effect how she feels about herself. She critiques every comment and action of others. She takes it all in and as a result feels like she doesn’t deserve to be successful or happy. Frequently, you will find Susie upset and blaming others […]

4 Prayers for Confidence, Life, Love, & Business

Last year I found it necessary to upgrade my prayer and spiritual life. It was a hard year for me. God was really pushing me to heal, evolve, and grow on every level. It was the struggle! This summer is similar. God and the universe really are evolving me in so many ways, and the […]

Stop Doubting Yourself: Why Your Thoughts Are Holding You Back

  When we feel ready to try something new or different, doubt fills your every thought. When we feel called to go to the next level in our lives, fear musters its way in. When we feel called to be more, do more, and have more, worry trickles into our beliefs. Just like that, we […]

Spring 2015 Survey!

Since I declared 2015 as my year to GLOW and SHINE. I have been feeling the urge to literally transform every area of my own life, and in the process I have done quite a bit of shifting, changing, and transforming from the inside out. So I have tons of tools, techniques, self-discovery exercises, journal […]

Feeling Lost? 3 Ways to Find Yourself Again

As women we all go through periods in our life when we feel lost and confused. At these times, things seem rough and we often ask God, “why is this happening to me?” These are the times, in my forthcoming book GLOW (scheduled to release in June), that I call an “empowerment awakening.” There comes […]

The #1 Tool for Increasing Your Confidence

I am happy to share with you a tool that can supercharge your confidence and boost your level of self-care and keep you focused, motivated, and accountable for loving yourself and your life! This tool is: JOURNALING!Yup, as simple as that…writing will change your life.But, not just any ol’ writing. I’m talking about the type […]

3 Ways to Have Your Most Purposeful, Passionate, and Pleasurable Year

At the start of every new year is the renewed sense to be more, live more, laugh more, and experience more. This year is no different. While the feeling of the “NEW” year is fresh in our hearts and minds, here are three ways to live your most juicy, loving, fun yet productive year: 1. […]

How to Create a Vision Board that Attracts Outrageous Success in Life, Love, & Money

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” –Oprah Winfrey You have heard about vision boards countless times before. Primarily because they work! However, they only work when they are done purposefully! As a vision board fanatic and an avid dreamer who has been able to manifest anything from […]