Too Many Bitches & Not Enough Queens: What Are Your Values Saying About You As A Woman?

Last week, we talked about how to find your Queenship through the power of love. I really do believe in the Queen in every woman, waiting to be unleashed. But there’s a lot of girls out here claiming the title without actually walking in its essence. Let me explain. Anyone can wear LeBron’s jersey. In […]

Is Eva Longoria’s Devious Maids Stereotyping Latina Women?

Lifetime has teamed up with actress Eva Longoria for a new show called, Devious Maids. Recently the show has come under fire for what some critics deem a stereotypical portrayal of Latina women who will be working as maids for most of the show. Not only are they to be” devious” but they will also […]

When Love Goes Wrong, Leave!

After watching one episode of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta I am appalled by the creators and producers, but even more concerned with the men and women who have allowed their lives to be shown in the public light. The producers know what they are doing; they want drama, lies, cheating, and verbal arguments. But in […]