How to Mother Yourself

Even though you are GROWN! It doesn’t matter how old we are…we all still crave a mother’s touch, a mother’s shoulder to cry on, a mother’s love, and a mother’s acceptance of who we are. The truth of the matter is… We don’t always get in a mother what we desire. Others get a great […]

Unleash Your FIERCE is Now Accepting Applications!

This is your chance to step fully into your POWER and become the STRONG, CONFIDENT, AND POWERFUL woman you desire to be. I know you’ve wondered why some women seem to have it all: confidence, beauty, style, a good man, a good job/career, nice car, and so on! There are things that those type of […]

How to Find a Good Man Worthy of Your Time

           Here’s how…. Look Inside….is there a GOOD woman in there? Is she mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, romantically, financially, and purposefully in order? Is she consistent, stable, and secure? Is she understanding, compassionate, and loving? Is she fierce, strong, and powerful? Is she sensual and sanctified? (all at the same time!) Is she healed, healthy, […]

4 Ways to Be Confident this Christmas

  Dress to Impress Look your absolute best this holiday season! Add in a little make-up. Put extra time into picking out your clothes. Include jewelry especially if you usually don’t. Watch some YouTube tutorials for ideas. MAKE A STATEMENT!                                                                                                                                                           Prepare Yourself for Negativity Be prepared for questions from family like “when you getting […]

I’m DONE with Women Making Excuses!

I’M DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m fed up! I am sick and tired of hearing the same sh*t from women over and over again. Why? I am tired of women complaining but still sit back and take no action on bettering themselves. FYI: This might piss you off, and that’s okay..but somebody had to say it. As 2016 […]

8 Ways to Be More Confident With Men & Relationships

Men are so simple. Yet, they seem so complicated. Men seem difficult to understand, reach, and connect with when you aren’t well versed in male-female relations. You don’t fully understand what unique traits men possess versus women. This is not knowledge we are born with. It is knowledge that you are here to learn if […]

8 Secrets to Pray More Effectively

  Often times I hear the same things from women—1) vision boards don’t work 2) affirmations don’t work 3) I pray but I don’t know if God really hears me. The truth is…all three statements are “false” because I’ve used all three and my life has completely changed and I heard stories of other women […]

The KEY to Increase Your Self-Esteem (When you Hate Parts of Yourself)

When there are parts of yourself that you hate, that means you have a SELF-LOVE problem and a SELF-AWARENESS struggle. It also means that you are probably doing self-destructive behaviors in place of this to make yourself feel better like: Emotional eating Constant busyness Entertaining, mating, and relating with the wrong men Shopping and dressing […]

3 Ways to Have Your Most Purposeful, Passionate, and Pleasurable Year

At the start of every new year is the renewed sense to be more, live more, laugh more, and experience more. This year is no different. While the feeling of the “NEW” year is fresh in our hearts and minds, here are three ways to live your most juicy, loving, fun yet productive year: 1. […]

How to Create a Vision Board that Attracts Outrageous Success in Life, Love, & Money

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” –Oprah Winfrey You have heard about vision boards countless times before. Primarily because they work! However, they only work when they are done purposefully! As a vision board fanatic and an avid dreamer who has been able to manifest anything from […]