Why Every Woman Needs to RAISE Her Standards Now

 Over the last few years I have spent countless hours UPGRADING myself and my life in every area. What areas of your life could use an OVERHAUL, a little SPRUCING UP, and a little INCREASE? As long as you SETTLE or SIT BACK: ·         WAITING ·         WISHING ·         WONDERING ·         FEARFUL ·         UNMOTIVATED ·         LAZY ·         OVERWHELMED ·         DOUBTFUL You will never get […]

Unleash Your FIERCE is Now Accepting Applications!

This is your chance to step fully into your POWER and become the STRONG, CONFIDENT, AND POWERFUL woman you desire to be. I know you’ve wondered why some women seem to have it all: confidence, beauty, style, a good man, a good job/career, nice car, and so on! There are things that those type of […]

How to Stop Envying Others on Facebook & Instagram

Have you ever had that feeling, “Damn! What am I doing wrong? Why does she get to be engaged?” or “why are all of my friends getting houses…puppies…promotions…starting businesses…having babies…” Then it hits you deep down to your core, “what am I doing wrong?” and “why can’t I get it together like them?” If you […]

7 Habits of Highly Confident Women

  Confident women are both admired and envied. For we aspire to be them and then we decide perhaps we aren’t worthy enough or good enough to get on that level. Confidence can be learned. It can be evolved. It can be brought out of you just as much as it can be poured into […]

Flawed & Still Fab: How to LOVE Your Body!

A few months ago, after I did a speaking engagement I looked at a picture of myself and I was like oh shoot I can see my weight coming back. I had worked my behind off to lose 60 pounds just two years before. But, as I looked at that picture standing next to the […]

You MATTER: 5 Ways to Feel More WORTHY

When my boo Oprah Winfrey’s talk show on ABC ended, she reflected on what she had observed after interviewing women, men, and children from all walks of life, all ages, and with all different issues that impacted their lives. She found a common thread. It is the same thread I have found in my own […]

The #1 Tool for Increasing Your Confidence

I am happy to share with you a tool that can supercharge your confidence and boost your level of self-care and keep you focused, motivated, and accountable for loving yourself and your life! This tool is: JOURNALING!Yup, as simple as that…writing will change your life.But, not just any ol’ writing. I’m talking about the type […]

21 Ways Women Let Their Insecurities Show

  We all know a Regal Realness woman when we meet her. She is show stopping and she turns heads in any room. Men fall for her effortlessly. Women envy her zest for life and try to compete or even imitate. She appears to have it all. Beauty, style, brilliance, purpose, success, a great man, exciting life, […]

How to Overcome Feeling Needy & Insecure

A couple of months ago, I was in a really dark place. I had just moved back to Washington, DC with a new job and was visiting a mentor I had promised to catch up with. We started talking about cute things like how my new job was going, if I had found a place […]

Learn How to Be Fearless & Make Your Dreams Come True with Arian Simone

  Arian Simone, known as the queen of overcoming her fears is the creator of Fearless Magazine, founder of Arian Simone Enterprises, and visionary beyond Esther’s Experience, her beauty products line. After moving to Los Angeles for a job she was laid off within a year. She grew up middle class, privileged, and happy. She […]