Life Coaching For Women!

Confident & Empowered Living Life Coaching For Women You are at a place in your life where you KNOW exactly what you want. BUT…. You need help achieving that vision and following through to make it a reality. You fear that you will either fail OR actually become so successful that you won’t know what […]

3 Questions Every Woman Business Owner Should Ask Before Starting

Many women always tell me that they love what I do, wish they could empower women, wish they could become a coach, wish they could do public speaking! I think that is a beautiful aspiration! However, starting a business requires one really crucial step when you begin in my opinion. This will lay out for […]

How to Attract the RIGHT Man

The right man for you is OUT there!Every shoe has its match. You are NO different. 1) You must believe the above statement wholeheartedly 2) You must prepare yourself &  your life for him to enter it 3) You must surrender how, when, and where he will arrive to God 4) You must ensure you are healed […]

New Year, New You: Reflect & Reinvent Yourself in 2015 Workbook!

What type of woman do you desire to be in 2015? Get access to Regal Realness’s annual workbook, REFLECT & REINVENT YOURSELF IN 2015 WORKBOOK that is 17 fully colored, printable pages of pure reflection and reinvention bliss! This book was created for the woman with vision, purpose, and dreams who enjoys staying on track with […]

Love Yourself More: FREE Empowerment TeleClass

  Sunday, November 2, 2014 at 8:30 PM for a FREE EMPOWERMENT TELECLASS! This teleclass is structured to give you highly valuable insight and information that you can use right away. Here is what you will learn on the call: What you need to know right now to love and accept yourself exactly as you are […]

How to Be a Man Magnet: 3 Ways to Be a Regal, Confident & Magnetic Woman

If every man in the room wanted you…how would that feel? Why is that some women seem to get men to swarm around them like bees on honey while others struggle to keep a man pass the first few dates? Girl, I’ve been asking myself this same question for years! If you ever wondered: How […]

5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Help You Reach Your Goals By the End of 2013

If you are joining Monet of Curls and Mo, and I for our 4th Quarter Challenge, then you should know that we got you covered! Challenge guidelines are below: Over this week, answer each question to help guide you in creating your vision board to end the year on a high note! 1. Where do […]

Moving Beyond Self Love:5 Questions to Determine Whether You Even Like Yourself

Love yourself. Self-love is the key. How many times have we heard this as the end all be all of being confident or having higher self-esteem? A million times if you ask me. Ironically, I promote the same messages because it is true. Loving yourself is the first step to unlock a life of happiness, […]