How to Be Unbothered By What Others Say & Think

You ever been minding your own damn business or even just in mid conversation…and someone drops some: UNSOLICITED NOT NICE UNCALLED FOR JUDGEMENTAL CALL A SISTAH OUT….SHIT….…….that makes you feel some type of way…not in a good way. This happened to me today and I was like “well damn…just pull all my cards, why don’t […]

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Is it time you finally became fierce, confident, and unstoppable? Download your e-book here. Being a woman with killer confidence and unstoppable drive is how you should feel every day. Too often women tell me they are…. Struggling with maintaining a positive, confident attitude Feeling like a “hot mess” and can’t get it together Holding […]

Unleash Your FIERCE is Now Accepting Applications!

This is your chance to step fully into your POWER and become the STRONG, CONFIDENT, AND POWERFUL woman you desire to be. I know you’ve wondered why some women seem to have it all: confidence, beauty, style, a good man, a good job/career, nice car, and so on! There are things that those type of […]

7 Habits of Highly Confident Women

  Confident women are both admired and envied. For we aspire to be them and then we decide perhaps we aren’t worthy enough or good enough to get on that level. Confidence can be learned. It can be evolved. It can be brought out of you just as much as it can be poured into […]

8 Ways to Be More Confident With Men & Relationships

Men are so simple. Yet, they seem so complicated. Men seem difficult to understand, reach, and connect with when you aren’t well versed in male-female relations. You don’t fully understand what unique traits men possess versus women. This is not knowledge we are born with. It is knowledge that you are here to learn if […]

Flawed & Still Fab: How to LOVE Your Body!

A few months ago, after I did a speaking engagement I looked at a picture of myself and I was like oh shoot I can see my weight coming back. I had worked my behind off to lose 60 pounds just two years before. But, as I looked at that picture standing next to the […]

You MATTER: 5 Ways to Feel More WORTHY

When my boo Oprah Winfrey’s talk show on ABC ended, she reflected on what she had observed after interviewing women, men, and children from all walks of life, all ages, and with all different issues that impacted their lives. She found a common thread. It is the same thread I have found in my own […]

Summer Self-Love Challenge

Fall in love with yourself. Rediscover why you are amazing. Reclaim your crown. Own your confidence. Empower yourself. Inspire other women in the process.   The 2015 Summer Self-Love Challenge is a 15 day challenge to empower you to reflect, reconnect, and unleash the “regal realness” that lives inside of you. We all know a […]

Speak Up!: How to Speak With Confidence & Own Your Voice

Most women often wonder, “who am I to speak up and say anything?” My question to you is, “who are you not to?” What makes you any less special or significant than the next woman? Absolutely nothing. Your voice is to be honored, cherished, and valued, but you first must see it that way. Owning […]

3 Ways to Own Your Beauty Flaws and All & LOVE Yourself Fiercely!

  “You can’t eat beauty. It doesn’t feed you.” These are the words of Lupita Nyong’o, the first black African woman to win an Academy award for her role in the movie, 12 Years a Slave. She speaks these lines at Essence Magazine’s annual Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon as she recalls her mother telling her this […]