3 Ways to Have Your Most Purposeful, Passionate, and Pleasurable Year

At the start of every new year is the renewed sense to be more, live more, laugh more, and experience more. This year is no different. While the feeling of the “NEW” year is fresh in our hearts and minds, here are three ways to live your most juicy, loving, fun yet productive year: 1. […]

15 Empowering & Soulful Life Lessons to Live By in 2015

For me 2014, broke my heart…open and cracked my soul into being. It was challenging. It was a struggle. There were tears. There were questions. There were prayers. There was confusion. There was war within the battle of being who I thought I was to realizing that who I am becoming required me to change. […]

How to Survive a Stormy Season of Growth as a Woman

When a woman is experiencing a stormy season in her life there are several signs that pop up to indicate you are experiencing an “empowerment awakening” as I like to call it. A time where you are being called to awaken even more to your confident and empowered self that has always lived within, but […]