Girl…do you know where you fall on the confidence scale?

I’m not talking numbers (scale from 1-10) honey….I’m talking your “type”…what TYPE of confidence do you have…just like we think in terms of men…”ooooo I like the type that’s [insert your likes here]”…same with your confidence boo. What type are you rocking day to day?

The type that others can pick up on when you enter the room.

The type that is reflected in how you dress, talk, think, and act.

The type that attracts men of a certain caliber (whether it be Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong)

The type that keeps you stuck and unable to move forward…

But, for real: this quiz is meant to test where you are currently in your life.

At each stage in a woman’s life, she changes, she evolves, and sometimes she stays stuck. It’s normal to move in and out of certain levels, but there is one level of confidence you should predominately operate from, find out if you are truly there.

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