Self-Care: How to Put Yourself First More

When you are putting yourself last that means you are subconsciously telling yourself that you don’t matter as much as much as everything else in your life. Ironically, this makes you less happy, less productive, less disciplined, and more prone to feeling resentment, anger, stress, and unworthiness.Stop putting yourself last by making a decision to […]

#1 Reason Why You Struggle with Love, Happiness, & Money

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ― Rumi Now I know this is going to sounds like the craziest thing you have ever heard, but the #1 reason why you struggle with: Love (I mean having […]

9 Reasons Why You Are Still Struggling & Stuck Where You Are

So often I receive emails from women and they are struggling and stuck! Something is holding them back from moving forward, however they think they are the only one struggling and that their problems just came out of the blue. However, very rarely is that the case. Our struggles are normally deeply rooted in issues […]

5 SureFire Ways to Glow & Radiate Confidence Everyday

           Self love is the best love. You’ve heard it a thousand times..well because it’s true but also because at any stage in your life…you just have to have this whole SELF-LOVE thing down girlfriend! I mean self-worth, self-appreciation, self-love whatever you call it is a MUST! You won’t get anything out of this life if […]

The Secret to Real, Long Lasting Love for Women

Note: This post may not be what you think it is going to be about. Only continue reading, if you are truly open to thinking about love in a new way. How many times have us women heard the age old, “focus on yourself,” “live the life of your dreams,” “get busy with something in […]

Why I Am Sick and Tired of Black Women Being Inferior, Invisible and Ignored

This past Sunday was a glorious day. Not only did I enjoy a great day, but it ended with the most uplifting and empowering experience I’ve enjoyed in quite some time. I was glued to the TV tuning into Black Girls Rock, and overcome with joy, tears, inspiration, and pride as I watched. Mara Brock […]

“You’re Cute to Be Dark Skin” and other Sayings that Led Me to Believe I’m Perfectly Flawed

As a little girl, my parents told me how beautiful I was; I believed them then as much as I do now, but when I entered the “real world” I was met with some very hard truths that would temporarily render those words of love and validation from my loved ones empty and void. From […]

We Have Evolved, But Still Have A Long Way to Go: The Civil Rights Movement & Lee Daniels’ The Butler

It couldn’t have been more perfect timing, the premiering of Lee Daniel’s The Butler and the 50thAnniversary of The March on Washington. Both come at a time when it is evident that Black America is still facing racial inequality. With the outcry of the most recent injustices still plaguing Black America one can only reflect […]

From Whence We Came: Life Lessons from the Civil Rights Movement

               Photo Credit: I first learned about the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) in college. I remember reading and looking at pictures of the freedom fighters captivated by the young people who helped to change a nation.  As I studied their faces, I imagined their lives. Like me, many of them were college-aged with goals, hopes […]

Women of Color Take Over Daytime TV: Move Over Women of “The View.” The Ladies of “The Real” Are Taking Over!

If you haven’t heard, there’s a new women’s daytime talk show on the block. “The Real” talk show which premiered on the Fox network on July 15th and concluded its four week trial run on August 9th features some familiar names and faces. You may be thinking: “Oh Great – another daytime talk show with a […]