How to Find a Good Man Worthy of Your Time

           Here’s how…. Look Inside….is there a GOOD woman in there? Is she mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, romantically, financially, and purposefully in order? Is she consistent, stable, and secure? Is she understanding, compassionate, and loving? Is she fierce, strong, and powerful? Is she sensual and sanctified? (all at the same time!) Is she healed, healthy, […]

8 Ways to Be More Confident With Men & Relationships

Men are so simple. Yet, they seem so complicated. Men seem difficult to understand, reach, and connect with when you aren’t well versed in male-female relations. You don’t fully understand what unique traits men possess versus women. This is not knowledge we are born with. It is knowledge that you are here to learn if […]

How to Talk to Your Man So He Will Listen

In case you had experienced the so familiar situation in which you catch your boyfriend not paying attention to the conversation, you excellently know how irritating that could be. Of course, no matter of the excuses, you still will be mad at your beloved one for distracting with other activities so easily. The good news […]

How to Attract the RIGHT Man

The right man for you is OUT there!Every shoe has its match. You are NO different. 1) You must believe the above statement wholeheartedly 2) You must prepare yourself &  your life for him to enter it 3) You must surrender how, when, and where he will arrive to God 4) You must ensure you are healed […]

How to Identify Your Toxic Relationship Patterns

Throughout my life, I’ve always been lucky in one area of my life; love. I’ve never had trouble getting or keeping a boyfriend, which I always considered to be a good thing, until I realized that maybe my propensity for being able to generate an insta-relationship out of nowhere was not working in my favor. […]

Why You Keep Attracting the Same Men!

The warm truth: You have a type! The cold truth: Your man is your mirror! Our men are our mirrors. You attract who and what you are. If you don’t change, he doesn’t change. If you keep being insecure, he will reflect that. If you are needy and obsessing over him, he will follow suit […]

Why Love Isn’t Working for You: The Real Reason Why You Love Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

It is my Monday night obsession, and one of the few shows I even make time to enjoy. I am not alone. Many of us are tuning into VH1’s hit, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. We love being entertained by the antics that cover everything but hip-hop and everything wrong with love. No matter how […]

How to Be a Man Magnet: 3 Ways to Be a Regal, Confident & Magnetic Woman

If every man in the room wanted you…how would that feel? Why is that some women seem to get men to swarm around them like bees on honey while others struggle to keep a man pass the first few dates? Girl, I’ve been asking myself this same question for years! If you ever wondered: How […]

The Secret to Real, Long Lasting Love for Women

Note: This post may not be what you think it is going to be about. Only continue reading, if you are truly open to thinking about love in a new way. How many times have us women heard the age old, “focus on yourself,” “live the life of your dreams,” “get busy with something in […]

How to Become a Better Woman from an Unexpected Break Up + Other Let Downs

About two weeks ago, the unthinkable happened. My husband left me, without warning. Around 7 o’clock on Thanksgiving, while I sat in tears and coughing incessantly from the bout of bronchitis that I was fighting, He came home, but something felt strange. He gave me a blank look and mumbled, “Hey.” I looked up at […]